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Peter Giddings Racing

1954 250F GRAND PRIX MASERATI #2501 (#2523):

Of all the Maserati 250Fs built, without doubt the one campaigned by Peter Giddings has one of the most complex and fascinating of histories.

First displayed at the Paris Salon in October 1954, it was then whisked away for its racing debut at the Spanish Grand Prix – the last Formula One race of the season. This race was also the first team drive for Maserati’s new star, Stirling Moss.

Due to the Maserati’s pedal configuration being different from Moss’ own modified 250F, Moss trod on the wrong pedal at an inopportune moment, spinning off and damaging #2501. In the circumstances, Moss chose to revert back to his non factory Maserati 250F. Francisco Godia Sales was given the bent car, and did well to finish 6th.

#2501 continued to be the successful mainstay team car throughout 1955. Raced throughout Europe and Argentina, with second places achieved at the Bordeaux, Naples, and Syracuse GPs (Musso). Ongoing factory updating took place during the season.

#2501 continued as a prime factory team car during 1956, primarily driven by Menditeguy and Behra. At Syracuse, Jean Behra raced #2501 fitted with a new experimental fuel injected engine and aerodynamic body.

Moss elected to drive #2501 at the German Grand Prix, and won a hard fought second place on this most challenging of circuits.

Subsequently, on December 2nd Moss again chose to drive #2501 in the Australian Grand Prix, this time gaining 1st place.

Ongoing factory updating took place during the season.

#2501 remained a factory team car in 1957, being driven by Schell, Behra, Hermann, Fangio, and Scarlatti, Behra achieving a second place at the Rheims GP. Ongoing factory updating taking place during the season.

In 1958 the Maserati factory rebuilt #2501 to the latest specification, installing a new engine #2523, and changing the chassis number to #2523.

The new owner was the plucky Italian female, Maria Teresa de Filipis, who raced #2501/#2523 throughout Europe.

In 1959, #2501/#2523 was campaigned in Europe by Scarlatti, after which its engine was removed for fitting to Colotti’s creation, the Tec Mec II.

In early 1960, New Zealand racing driver, Ross Jensen, acquired #2501/#2523 from Messrs. Neri/ Colotti/ Tanner, and Scarlatti fitted with the “El Salvador” twin nostril nose and engine from his Maserati 250F #2504.

Jensen subsequently sold #2501/#2523 (now renumbered by him #2504 in order to get it back into New Zealand!) , to Brian Prescott, whose best placings in 1961/62 were three first places at Levin.

Prescott then sold #2501/#2523 (with destroyed engine #2504) to New Zealander Leon Witte who subsequently traded it for an Aston Martin DB3S owned by Cameron Millar of the U.K. Millar then restored #2501/#2523, removing its twin nostril nose, and fitting instead a conventional 1957 style one. Millar also fitted engine #2522, one of the most successful 250F engines of all times.

Stirling Moss achieved two first places with #2522 in 1956 (the Richmond Trophy Goodwood and the Monaco Grand Prix). Schell achieved a 2nd place at the Pau GP in 1957, and Munaron achieved a 3rd place at Buenos Aires in 1960.

Millar proceeded to race #2501/ #2523 (engine #2522) in historic races for more than 8 seasons, always achieving good results.

From 1976, Christopher Mann and Keith Duly became the new owners and continued to historic race #2501/ #2523, including a 3rd in the Hawthorne Trophy at Silverstone in 1979, and a 1st in the Allcomers Race at the Nurburgring in 1980.

In 1983, Duly sold #2501/ #2523 to Don Young, and Peter was able to effect a trade with Young in 1986..

Today Peter races a 250F Grand Prix Maserati which began life as #2501, became #2523, unofficially became #2504, and now has reverted back to #2501/ #2523 again (this time fitted with engine #2522).

During its career this remarkable car has raced in over 40 Grand Prix, including 5 appearances at the Monaco Grand Prix, 4 at the Syracuse, Italian, and French Grand Prix, and 2 at the Argentina, Buenos Aires, Naples, Belgian, and New Zealand Grand Prix.

Subsequently it has carried on the tradition by performing magnificently in over 150 historic races.

In Peter’s hands, #2501/ #2523 achieved 3 x 1st and 2 x 2nd places in 1987: 1 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd places in 1988: 1 x 1st together with a class win and fastest time of day in 1989: 3 x 1st places in 1990: 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd places in 1991: 9 x 1st places in 1992: and Driver of the Meeting Award at Winton in 1993.

Then followed further podium places in 1994/95/96 after which the car was retired for a major restoration.

After a European sojourn when it was campaigned by Dieter Streve Muehlens, #2501/ #2523 resumed its historic racing in late 2004 in Peter’s hands, with 2 x 1st at Mont Tremblant, 2 x 1st at Lime Rock and a 1st at Thunderhill:

2005 = 2 x 1st at Mont Tremblant, 2 x 1st at Road America, 1 x 2nd at Sears Point (51 cars running in group 3, Group 1 fastest qualifier (race cancelled), 1 x 1st at Moroso, 2 x 1st at Lime Rock, 2 x 1st in class and 2 x 2nd overall (disc group!) at Las Vegas:

2006 = AGP “demo” with Moss 1st/2nd all sessions, 2 x 2nd (behind a Lotus 19!) at Thunderhill, 1 x 2nd place at Winton: 2007 = 1 x 1st at Fontana, 2 x 1st at Moroso, 2 x 1st at Mont Tremblant, 2 x 1st at Infineon, 2 x 1st at VIR: 2006 = Thunderhill 2 x 2nd:

2007 = Moroso Park 2 x 1st: Infineon 2 x 1st: VIR 2 x 1st: Mont Tremblant 2 x 1st: Fontana = fastest time all sessions: 1 x 1st (2nd race transaxle broke whilst leading):

2008 = Moroso Park 2 x 1st: Road Atlanta = fastest time all sessions: 2 x 1st: Infineon = fastest time all sessions: 2 x 1st:

2009 = Moroso Park 2 x 1st: Thunderhill 2 x 1st pre-1960, 3rd overall: Infineon 2 x 1st: Road America 2 x 1st: Mont Tremblant 2 x 1st: 2009: Thunderbolt 2 x 1st in class: 2 x 2nd overall:

2010 = Moroso Park 2 x 1st: Pocono 1st: Mont Tremblant 1st drum: Lime Rock 2 x 1st pre-1953 GP: Watkins Glen 1st pre-1953 GP, 2nd overall: Eastern Creek 6th overall, 1st in class

2011 = Hampton Downs 4 x 4th overall, 1st in class: Hampton Downs 3 x 4th overall, 1 x 3rd overall, 1st in class: Ruapuna 2nd overall, Levels TBA, Phillip Island TBA, Albert Park TBA: Infineon 8th, Thunderhill 3 x 1st

2012 = Moroso 1st: Lime Rock 1st in class: Watkins Glen 1st in class

*Very many thanks to 250F historian extraordinaire Barrie Hobkirk for most of this historical and race information.


After Peter sold Maserati 250F #2501, it now resides in Europe.



Maserati 250F #1

Peter pushing on regardless - Infineon Raceway 2007


Maserati 250F #2

Peter getting the drift of things - Virginia International Raceway 2007


Maserati 250F Photo 3

Peter renews his friendship with #2501/2523 -- the nose band dates from Dieter Streve-Mulhens' stewardship in 2005.


Maserati 250F Photo4

Is there a better profile than a 250F in flight? - 2005.


Maserti 250F Photo 5

Maserati 250F #2501/2523 when in New Zealand and owned by Peter's good friend, Leon Witte.


Maserati 250F Photo 6

Peter sparring with his dear friend, the irrepressible Bob Korst. Rear engine versus front engine in style - PIR 1969 - photo by Bob Dunsmore.

Maserati 250F Photo 7

#2501/2523 squeals around the old Turn Nine at Laguna Seca - photo by Bob Dunsmore.

Maserati 250F Photo 8

A memorable "race" between Peter's friend, the great Pete Lovely, in his Ferrari TR59 and Peter's 250F #2501/2523. They crossed the finish line together, side by side! - PIR 1994 - photo by Bob Dunsmore.


Maserati 250F Photo 9

Hold that Tiger! - Peter in #2501/2523 - Laguna Seca 1994 - photo by Bob Dunsmore.


Maserati 250F Photo 10

Overhead view of #2501/2523 showing compact proportions - Laguna Seca 1995 - photo by Mike Sims.

Peter & Stirling

Peter leads Stirling Moss onto the straightaway, both in Maserati 250Fs. Monterey 1988. Photo by Mike Sims.

Monterey Fog

Peter in the Maserati 250F leads a group of newer cars out of the fog. Monterey 1991. Mike Sims photo.

Peter Looks Back

At the finish of a race in the rain, Peter looks back, wondering where the competitors are!

The Corkscrew

Peter leads Group 6A into the Corkscrew, Laguna Seca, 1994. Bob Dunsmore photo.

Seattle 94

In the 250F, Peter turns in at Seattle International Raceway. Bob Dunsmore photo.

New Zealand Festival

Peter and Chris Amon at the New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing at Hampton Downs, which
honored the international racing career of Chris Amon. Janaury 2011. Photo by Jim Barclay.

With Amon Helmet

Peter borrows Chris Amon's helmet. NZ Festival of Motor Racing, 2011. Photo by Jim Barclay.

Maserati Pair

Peter's matching Maserati 250's, photo by Mike Sims.

Timaru Program



The program for the Timaru races featured Peter's Maserati 250F. February 11-13, 2011.
















Hampton Downs

The 250F at Hampton Downs. Mark Wilkinson photo.

250F at Mt Tremblant

Peter takes a precise line out of the tricky blind corner from under the bridge at Mt. Tremblant. Photo by S J Bedford Photography,  Montreal,  Canada.

Watkins Glen 2012

Peter in the 250F ahead of the Lister Jaguar he previously owned. Photo by Michael DiPleco for Sports Car Digest.

Rain at Infineon
















Another great photo of Peter in the rain! Infineon Raceway 2009. By Steven Cabana for Head-On Photos.


Cavallino 2007

Excellent photo of Peter at Cavallino Classic 2007. Photo by Nicolas Jeannier provided by our friend Michel Souvigny.