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Peter Giddings Racing

1932 Alfa Romeo Monza, serial number 2211114

This car was first registered to Scuderia Ferrari on August 11, 1933, although it was probably used in racing events before that. The car was crashed several times and was also re-bodied several times, including a fixed-head coupe body by Zagato. Eventually, the remaining parts of 211114 were acquired by Franz van de Fleuvel and built into a complete car by Paul Grist. The car was offered at auction in December 1996 but did not sell. After the auction the car was purchased by Peter Giddings, who raced the car for several years and then sold it to Peter Greenfield.

For a full and fascinating history of Alfa 2211114, please see Simon Moore's book " The Legendary 2.3," published by Parkside Publications, 901 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100, Seattle, Washington 98164.


Homestead 1998

Monza #2211114 at Homestead Florida, April 1998. Photo by Mike Sims.

Peter at Homestead Florida

Peter in the Ferrari Historic Challenge race, Homestead, Florida, April 1998. Photo by Mike Sims.

Peter at Lime Rock

Peter in Monza #2211114 at Lime Rock, June 1998. Photo by Mike Sims.

Wine Country 5-99

Peter at the Wine Country Classic, May 1999. Photo by Mike Sims.

Coronado 2002

Judy, Mike, and Peter at the Coronado Speed Festival, 2002. Photo by Bob Dunsmore.

Monterey 1997

Alfa Monza at the Monterey Historics, August 1997. Photo by Mike Sims.

Monterey 1997

Peter at speed in the Monza, Monterey Historics 1997. Mike Sims photo.

PIR 1998

Peter corners at PIR, 1998. Photo by Bob Dunsmore.

Wine Country 1999

Judy & Mike check the tires after a race, Wine Country Classic, 1999.