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Peter Giddings Racing


Formula Junior was a racing class adopted in 1958 by the FIA. The class was intended to provide an entry level series where younger drivers could take their first steps toward professional racing in a relatively inexpensive venue. The rules required the cars to be powered by production-based engines and much of the running gear also had to be production-based. Overhead camshafts were not allowed. Limited-slip differentials were also prohibited. The thought was to provide single-seat race cars at an inexpensive price. The cars were limited to 1100 cc engines and 440 kg minimum weight.

Inasmuch as the formula originated in Italy, the popular Fiat 1100 engine was the obvious choice for the Italian constructors. Stanguellini built a series of very successful Formula Junior cars in the tradition of the contemporary front-engined Grand Prix cars. Most of the car’s components were derived from the Fiat 1100. A simple tubular chassis was used, with the cockpit offset to the left and the gear box and propeller shaft running alongside the driver. This was cloaked in a very beautiful aluminum body.

Although Peter Giddings has owned and campaigned a number of Stanguellini Formula Junior cars; this car, chassis number CS00187, is the most recent. Noted racer Tom Carstens was a Stanguellini dealer in Tacoma, Washington. He imported four Stanguellini Formula Juniors. Some of these cars were raced by Tom Carstens and Pete Lovely. Chassis number CS00187 was finally sold to Bill Moore, who raced it through 1963-1964. Moore sold it to Don Yates who raced it through 1964-1965. Sometime later, the car was abandoned behind a house. It sat in a field for many years. The car was purchased by Jerry Bodwell, who gave it a complete restoration.

Jerry Bodwell initially raced the car with the original 1100 Fiat engine. Due to problems with reliability, the engine was replaced with a Fiat 1200 engine which has a stronger bottom end. The 1200 engine is 1221 cc, has 10.5 to 1 compression, and has a custom ground Delta camshaft.

After campaigning this Stanguellini for a few seasons, Peter sold the car and it is now continuing its racing career in many West Coast events.


Chassis: wheelbase 79 inches, track 48 inches front & rear
Weight: 880 lbs
Rear axle ratio: 4.30 to 1

Engine: Fiat 1200 OHV four-cylinder, 1221 cc displacement
Bore 72mm, stroke 75 mm
96 bhp @7000 rpm

Racing Stanguellinis

Jerry Bodwell in Stanguellini CS00187 moves to slip inside of a similar Stanguellini. PIR 1992, Mike Sims photo.

Peter at Seattle

Peter ready to leave the pits. Seattle Raceway, 2000. Photo by Mike Sims.

Peter at speed

Peter at speed, Seattle Raceway, 2000. Photo by Bob Dunsmore

Stanguellini at PIR

Turn 11 at Portland International Raceway, 2000. Photo by John E. Jacobsen.

Seattle Backstretch

Peter in the backstretch at Seattle Raceway, 2000. Photo by John E. Jacobsen.

Mike Tuning

John Blum, Jerry Bodwell, and Peter look on as Mike tunes the Webers on the Stanguellini, Seattle Raceway.


Turn 8 Seattle

Peter hustles through Turn 8 at Seattle Raceway. Photo by Mike Sims.