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Peter Giddings Racing

1950 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica - Chassis #421/100/112, Engine #FNS1/51

Dennis Jenkinson reported that FN112 was completed and delivered between FN111 in March 1950 (to Lady Mary Grosvenor) and FN113 which was completed and delivered in July 1950 to David H. Murray.

Originally painted green (it is now finished in a dark blue), it was exhibited at the 1950 Turin Motor Show.

Its original registration plate number was 250995 (Milan), followed by FP2 (UK) 1976, followed by XOU3 (UK) from 1980 to the present day.

Rebuilt by Crosthwaite & Gardiner for David Penney, this car was subsequently exhibited at the Midland Motor Museum in August 1982, and was then sold by Sothebys to Michael Fisher on July 3rd, 1988. It was then sold to Victor Gauntlett (of Aston Martin fame), and subsequently went to my friend, Bill Clark, in New Zealand who has owned it ever since (that is until I recently talked him out of it).

This 1950 Mark I Le Mans Replica Frazer Nash represents perhaps the last of the stark, vintage, cycle-fendered production sports cars. It is light and its road-holding is excellent The twin-tube chassis uses a modified Bristol engine and gearbox in an open two-seater body. The engine has a bore of 66 mm and stroke of 96 mm, giving a dispalcement of 1971 cc and over 140 horsepower. The independent front suspension uses wishbones and a transverse leaf spring. Top speed is over 130 mph. About 25 of the Mk I Le Mans Replicas were constructed.

At Thunderhill

Peter hustles the Frazer Nash at Thunderhill Raceway.

Peter in XOU3

Peter at speed in Frazer Nash XOU3. Photo by Peter Darnell.

Jeff ONeill

Peter's friend, Jeff O'Neill, drives the Frazer Nash at Infineon. Photo by Peter Darnell.

Le Mans Replica B&W

1950's Publicity Photo - source unknown.

FN Thunder

Peter in the Frazer Nash holds off the opposition. Thunderhill, May 2009. Photo by Dennis Gray.

Thunderhill FN

Another great photo by Dennis Gray. Peter at Thunderhill, May 2009.

Thunderhill 2009













Peter leads a group of newer cars. Thunderhill May 2009. Photo by Steven Cabana for Head-On Photos.

Thunderhill 2009















Peter corners hard in the Frazer-Nash. Photo by Steven Cabana for Head-On Photos.