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Peter Giddings Racing


My passion for vintage and historic racing goes back to the era of analog, and cars that most definitely have never known the meaning of electronic aids.

These days, more and more enthusiasts ask me for my face book, blog, twitter, and website details relative to the thoroughbreds which I have raced, and the great champions, personalities, and characters I have met, as a result of this all consuming hobby.

For some years now I have rebuffed such requests, if for no other reason than that most of today’s gadgets are foreign to me, although I admit that in my business I have managed (barely!) to transition to the digital world.

More recently I have been persuaded by friends to let them set up a site, and thanks to Kyle Burt (www.kyleburt.com) and Mike Sims, we are now witnessing its birth!

Please understand that I have somewhat reluctantly agreed to this, as there is no ego involved, and certainly no intent for any kind of financial gain.

Mike will slowly, as time allows, grow this site to include many of the vintage and historic racing cars that I have experienced over the decades, along with a tipping of my hat towards all of the wonderful people who have helped and encouraged me along the way.

My desire is to ensure that these mobile works of art, which need to be experienced by all of our senses, can continue to race with other, in-period, unmodified cars, without the addition of roll bars and the like.

It is also vital that we encourage the younger generation to remain engaged and interested in these irreplaceable icons. Thus perhaps, and in a small way, this site will recruit a few apprentices, as our hobby needs you!

We have always adopted a “look, touch, and sit in” policy with the cars that I have been privileged to drive and, as a result, under the “Friends and Family” tab, you will begin to see photos appear of children, many of whom are now grown up, some even owning, as a result of our example and encouragement, a collector car of their own: very gratifying.

Many readers of this site will know Mike Sims who, for years, has been my volunteer head chef and bottle washer. Without Mike’s help and enthusiasm, little of my more recent automotive fun would have been possible. Mike is less able to travel with me these days, but is still affording invaluable support via maintaining this website.

A few of you will have some reminisce or photos that you might want to share with us via the “Contact Us” tab.

Finally I want to take this opportunity of thanking my best friend, number one fan, and loving wife, Judy, for her unstinting and selfless support.

Many of you will know Judy, although she also is not able to make it to the tracks as much as she used to.

Judy, blond, beautiful, and without a hair out of place, can usually be found either checking spokes, polishing the car (much to the envy of fellow competitors, and the dismay of many other wives and sweethearts), timing, or more typically staying up on my business via her lap top (truth be known, she is the boss!)

When I was courting Judy, she barely survived a freezing Pomeroy Trophy meeting at a wind swept and, back then, quite barren Silverstone, but being the sucker for punishment that she is, agreed to a honeymoon in our 1920s 1750 Alfa Zagato, racing and rallying in Italy in all kinds of weather, with accommodations ranging from the Villa d’Este to my leaky boy scouts tent …. what a trooper!

(December 2008)