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Peter Giddings Racing

Racing news about Peter from events around the world.


2019 NEWS


At the VARA British Extravaganza at Buttonwillow on May 4 & 5, the "Peter Giddings Memorial Award" was given to Leif Jacobsen, driver of the 1934 MG NA "Magnette" Special.  The MG has been in Leif's family for about six and a half decades. Leif and the car are third-generation racers. Leif's grandfather raced the car up and down the West Coast including at Pebble Beach. Leif's father also raced the car.





2018 NEWS


CSRG Charity Challenge, October 6-7. 2018

Lyn St. James

Lyn St.James drives Peter's Lancia D24R at the Charity Challenge at Sonoma Raceway.
Photo by Peter Darnall.


Danville Coucours, September 2018

Peter and his Lancia D50A and Lancia D24A were featured at the Danville Coucours d'Elegance. Peter was positioned behind his cars at a street intersection and he spent the day talking with fans and signing autographs.

Danviller Interview

Peter being interviewed at the Concours.


U. S. Vintage Grand Prix, Watkins Glen

At the SVRA U. S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen on September 6-9, Peter was honored with a stone on the Walk of Fame.

Walk of Fame


Lime Rock Historic Festival 36

Peter's Bugatti T37A finished a very strong second at Lime with guest driver Don Racine.


Monterey Historics

At the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca, Peter's Alfa Romeo Monza finished 3rd in Group 1a following a 1934 Alfa Romeo P3 and a 1934 ERA.



At Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant on July 12-15, Peter finished third overall in his Alfa Romeo Tipo C, s/n 50012, for a place on the podium. He ran the Alfa in all six sessions, practices and the two races/



The VARA British Extravaganza was held on May 5 & 6 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Peter finished a strong second in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza, s/n 2111037.



At the Palm Beach International Raceway, on January 26, Peter finished a very strong second place in the Pre-War group with a poorly running Alfa Romeo Tipo C, s/n 50012. Leaky carburetors and a weak mag led to misfires at about 5000 rpm, just when the Alfa is getting into its stride. As a result, Peter's lap times were almost five seconds a lap slower than with the same car in 2015.


2017 NEWS


CSGR FALL FINALE, Thunderhill, Novermber 5-6

Peter brought out his Lancia D50A for a test session.


U. S. VINTAGE GRAND PRIX, Watkins Glen Raceway, September 10

Peter drove his Lancia D24/5 in the Group One races. He finished first in class in 1-GT.



Peter drove his 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C in the four Group 7 races, with 3 first places and 1 second place. Peter also drove his Lancia D24 in the Group 4 race. These cars dominated long distance and endurance racing in 1953 and 1954 with the top three finishes in the 1953 Carrera Panamerica and the next year winning the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio races. Giddings alowed that the relatively tight Lime Rock course was not ideal for the car.



John Morton

Peter with his friend and fellow D50 driver, John Morton. Photo by Steve Snyder.

Monterey Pre-Reunion Pit

Peter's pit at the Monterey Pre-Reunion with the D50, the D24/5 and the Alfa Monza. Although for exhibition only,
the Lancia D50A(r) was a major attraction. Photo by Steve Snyder.




Peter finished third in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza #2111037.


2016 NEWS



Peter qualified first in class in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza #2111037. Peter was leading the race when driveline problems caused a DNF.



In the Group 1, Pre-War race, Peter finished first in his 1954 Lancia D50A at Watkins Glen on 9/11/2016.

Kudos to the final group, the Pre-War cars, in their delayed post-5 p.m. start. Peter Giddings in his reconstructed 1954 Lancia D50 Grand Prix car punctuated the weekend with the enthralling cars and nothing but clear green laps. Last we saw, Giddings - in his side-saddle twin-tanker - was sashaying through the Bus Stop in beautiful drifts before disappearing out of sight down the carousel. A fitting tribute to a big, big weekend. (excerpt from the Vintage Motorsport Newsletter, October 2016, by Mike Silverman and Burt Levy).



The Historic Festival 34 was held September 1-5, 2016. Peter won both Monday races in his 1954 Lancia D50A. The high point of the weekend was the appearance of two Lancia D50A Grand Prix cars driven by Peter and by John Morton.The ex-Peter Giddings 8C2600 Monza driven by Peter Greenfield, a 1929 Bugatti 37A, a 1939 Lagonda V12, a 1933 Maserati 4CM, a 4.5 Blower Bentley, and other fascinating racing cars filled out the field.

Giddings and Greenfield. Even if you didn't know they're famous, you'd naturally pick out Peter Giddings and Peter Greenfield in the paddock at Lime Rock Park. They're elegant, over 70, and still racing. Greenfield raced a 1933 Alfa Romeo Monza and Giddings was at the wheel of a 1954 Lancia D50A. The Lancia earned much adoration from car enthusiasts, who circled it and photographed it when it was rolled out from under its protective cover. not only was it

a gorgeous car, it had also been raced in Monaco. (Excerpt from the Lakeville (Connecticut) Journal, September 8, 2016).



At the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Group 1A included 1927-1951 Racing Cars. A total of 49 entries took to the track. Peter finished 4th overall in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza, following Derek Hill in a 1927 Delage powered by a mid-30s ERA engine and two mid-30s ERAs of Charles McCabe and Paddins Dowling. .



Among other noteworthy cars were three Lotus Formula One machines, two Devins, a 1959 Rejo Mark IV and a lovely Lotus Eleven. But the star of the weekend had to be the 1954 Lancia D50A owned by Peter Giddings. (from Sports Car Digest, article by David Ferguson).



The Cavallino Competition Classic was held January 20-21 at Palm Beach International Raceway. Peter set the fastest qualifying time for the Pre-War Race Group in his 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 on the mostly-dry Thursday. On Friday, rain was dominant and although Peter led most of the race, water ingested into the carburetor resulted into finishing the race on about six cylinders and a second place finish.


2015 NEWS


CORONADO SPEED FESTIVAL 2015 - September 18-20, 2015

In spite of ignition problems all weekend, Peter set the fastest qualifying time for the Pre-War Race Group and was on pole position in his Alfa Romeo Monza #2111037. In the race, Peter pulled into the pits to avoid any damage to the poorly running engine.

Alfa Monza Photo by Emily Elizabeth Noon.


LIME ROCK HISTORIC FESTIVAL 33 - September 4-7, 2015

Peter, in his Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C, finished 2nd in both qualifying sessions and in all four races for race group 2.



Peter finished 3rd in Group 1B, 1927 -1951 Racing Cars, in his Alfa Romeo Monza # 2111037.


CAVALLINO CLASSIC 24 - January 22-23, 2015

Peter took second place in his Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C in the Pre-War Racing Cars group.


2014 NEWS



"Europe's Finest Grand Prix Car - 1926 Delage 15-S-8" - 10:30 am - Noon

Peter gave a presentation about his 1926 Delage and the storied racing history of the four Delage 15-S-8's that swept the 1927 World Championship. The car was on hand for the presentation. The presentation was a highlight of the series with one of the largest crowds in attendance.



At Watkins Glen on September 7, Peter was again in his Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35 and was 1st in the Collier Cup Feature Race for Pre-War Racing Cars. His best lap time was 2:34.793.



The Historic Festival 32 was held August 28 - September 1, 2014. Peter in his Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35 finished 2nd in all four races for Group 2, the VSCCA Cup "The Dawn of Real Performance," Pre-War Sports and Racing Cars.



At the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion on August 9 -10, Peter began the event with his 1926 Delage S-8-15 Grand Prix car. After the Delage experienced transmission woes in practice, it was taken back to the shop and replaced by Peter's 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35. Peter then achieved first place in Group 2 (pre-1951 Sports Racing and Touring Cars) at the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion race, with a best time of 1:59:815.

The next weekend, in the Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Peter was again in the Alfa Tipo C and finished 4th in the race for "1927 - 1951 Racing Cars" -- behind a 1958 Maserati 250F, a 1957 Maserati 250F and a 1939 Maserati 4CL!



Peter had his Alfa Romeo P3 at the Indianapolis Speedway for the Brickyard Invitational June 5-8. Over 700 cars competed in 12 groups on the Indy road course and a select group ran on the famed oval. Peter, in the P3, was hand-timed at over 140 mph on the oval straightaway in spite of the car's tendency to float and wander at that speed. Spectators were in shock at the speed of the 1932 Alfa!

Indy 2014

Peter holds the trophy for Best Pre-War Car at the Brickyard Invitational.



The Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival 2014 was held May 16 through18 at Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point). The ideal weather, sunny and warm, greeted some 300 + cars. Peter finished 3rd on both days in Group 2, 1925 - 1942 Racing Cars in his 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35, following a 1936 ERA and a 1939 Maserati 4CL. Peter was also featured in the 2014 Program as winner of the Sonoma Historic trophy, Pre-1940 Category in 2013.

Sonoma Trophy



At the 2014 Cavallino Classic Competition races at Palm Beach International Raceway, Peter, in his Alfa Romeo P3, won both the Alfa Romeo Race Group and was overall winner of the Pre-War Race Group. Once again, Peter was awarded the Trofeo di Florida as the overall winner.

Cavallino 2014






Peter receives the Trofeo di Florida and the Alfa Romeo class trophy from John and Alicia Barnes at The Breakers Beach Club.










2013 NEWS



In the feature race for Pre-War cars, Peter Giddings was the spoiler in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 ... From my view, it was fun to watch the drivers saw back and forth on the huge steering wheel, use the brake handle and imagine what it must have felt like to race these cars as new. (Victory Lane, November 2013)



Peter Giddings, in his 1931 Alfa Romeo P3, finished second both days in Group 2, “The Dawn of Performance,” early sports and racing cars. Peter Greenfield finished first in Alfa Romeo 8C35 s/n 50013, a GP car previously owned by Peter Giddings.

Lime Rock 2013


Photo by Michael DiPleco, Sports Car Digest







The first outing of Peter's 1926 Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix car was at the 2013 Monterey Motorsports Reunion and Pre-Reunion. In the Group 2A race for 1927-1951 Racing Cars, Peter ran with cars with much larger engines, including a 1939 Maserati 4CL, a 1957 Maserati 250F, a 1934 Alfa Romeo P3 and a 1949 Talbot Lago T26C/DA Grand Prix. With only 1500 cc, Peter finished third overall in the Delage! This was the first time in about 60 years that anyone had heard a Delage 15-S-8 run in anger -- the scream of the engine is incredible!

Group 2A, 1927-1951 Racing Cars. The best race of the day, and possibly the whole weekend, in some of the most legendary race cars. Three drivers took turns leading and traded places at least 15 times over the course of nine laps. It was beautiful to watch - a skillful, safe and fair exhibition made more impressive by the drivers coaxing 107 mph speeds out of these great automobiles. Paddins Dowling, 1939 Maserati 4Cl, sat on the pole for this race, but slipped back to the fourth spot early as Jeffrey O'Neill's 1957 Maserati 250F, a later F-1 car somewhat out of place in this group, moved to the front, only to give up the lead on Lap 2 on a beautiful pass in the hairpin by Peter giddings in the legendary 1926 Delage 15-S-8. (from Victory Lane, October 2013)



A half dozen significant sports racers from the golden era of the 1950s will be on offer at RM Auctions' flagship Monterey sale set for Aug. 16-17 at the Portola Hotel & Spa in downtown Monterey, CA. ...

It's also news that veteran vintage racer and historic racing authority Peter Giddings, seen often at the front of the grids in his Maserati 250F and prewar Alfa Romeos, recently joined RM as one of its global team of car specialists.  Giddings stated of the developing consignment list, "Racing memories come flooding back when I eye the supreme list of cars consigned to the Monterey sale. The 750 Monza truly tugs at the heart strings; having driven both 750 and 860 variants, the Lampredi engine is a real stump-puller in the torque department.  The Maserati A6CGS/53 is another landmark.  Credited for inventing the twin nostril nose, Fantuzzi surely designed and built the most beautiful of all coachwork."



At the 2013 Spokane Festival of Speed, June 1-2, Peter finished first in class and fourth overall in Race Group 1. The Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35 was just too big for some of the corners of this race track, but Peter put on his usual show of sliding around crossed up and then powering down the straight sections.



At the May 18-19, 2013 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, Peter was not able to run in the qualifying session due to fuel pump problems with the Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C. As a result, Peter had to start at the back of the field in the race and fight his way up through the pack. He finished 3rd overall, quite a fine finish considering his starting position. In recognition of his drive, and for "excellence in presentation," Peter was given the Sonoma Historic Trophy for Pre-1940 vehicles..



At VARA's British Extravaganza, held at Buttonwillow Raceway on May 4-5, 2013, Peter won the Group 4 Race going away. In the Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C, Peter finished more than two minutes ahead of the second place car.



Demonstrating on track this year were two totally contrasting cars - the famous Willys coupe originally raced by Red Dawson and the ex-Dick Seaman Delage; the car that brought Seaman to the attention of Mercedes-Benz who signed him to their Grand Prix team. The Delage belongs to Peter Giddings. What a privilege to see and hear the 1926 Delage GP car. (from NZ Classic Driver, Mar-Apr 2013).



A new feature race at the Cavallino Competition Classic, held at Palm Beach International Raceway on January 24-25, 2013, was the addition of a Pre-War Racing Car class to the usual classes of Drum Brake and Disc Brake cars. Peter entered his 1931/32 Alfa Romeo Tipo B "P3" Grand Prix single-seater in the Pre-War class. In a glorious field of Bugatti's, Maserati's and Alfa Romeo's, Peter not only won his class, but he was the overall race winner.

Peter's winning ways continued in the Drum Brake class. Peter's 1953 Maserati 250F won by outdistancing a Maserati 250F lightweight and a field of Ferrari's and Maserati's including Ferrari sports racers, Ferrari 250 GTs and a Ferrari TdF, and Maserati 200S and 250S. Again, Peter was the overall race winner as well as winning his class.

Cavallino 2013

Peter receives a trophy (one of four!) from Alicia Barnes on the yacht at the Cavallino Yacht Hop.


2012 NEWS



At the CSRG season finale at Thunderhill, Peter dominated Group 2 with his Alfa Romeo P3, finishing a half-second ahead of his nearest challenger.



The 9th annual Classic Sports Racing Group (CSRG) Charity Challenge was held October 6-7, 2012 at the 2.52-mile Infineon Raceway at Sears Point, Sonoma, California. The 2012 CSRG Charity Challenge featured a great field of more than 220 historic race cars, including pre-war, sports racing and formula as well as production and GT entrants. As always, Peter's 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C was a crowd favorite and Peter won 1st vintage in his race..



At the U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen on September 12, Peter ran both his Maserati 250F and Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3. With the Maserati 250F, he finished second in the Group 4 sprint race, behind a 1958 Echidna special. Peter won the Pre-War race in the Alfa Romeo P3.



At Lime Rock, Peter finished 2nd in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 in both the Saturday and Monday races for Group 3 - Pre-War Racing Cars, behind the 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C of Peter Greenfield.



In Group 2A - for1927-1951 Racing Cars, Peter finished 3rd in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3, behind a 1939 Maserati 4CL and a 1957 (!) Maserati 250F.



At Le Circuit, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, July 27-29, Peter driving his Maserati 250F, won the Group One race for 1940-1969 Drum Brake racing cars. Photo by W. H. Murenbeeld from the Ottawa Citizen, November 2012.

Maserati 250F


A standing-room-only crowd witnessed the first annual Racing Seminar at the Raceway in Sonoma, Calif., during the 2012 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival. The first half was moderated by event organizer Steve Earle, who drew out amusing recollections from California Corvette racer and designer/fabricator Dick Guldstrand. He told stories about his early days competing in California and at iconic races such as the 24 Hours of LeMans and Daytona, and the Trans-Am and Can-Am Series. Peter Giddings, whose racing dossier includes competing in numerous significant race cars in Europe before emigrating to the United States in 1971, where he continued his racing career, also shared his war stories. (Press release by Judy Stropus).

Sonoma Seminar

Steve Earle, Peter Giddings, Dick Guldstrand and Grand Marshall Bill Pollack. Photo by Nate Jacobson.


The theme of the 2012 Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at Infineon on June 1-3 was " Moments in Time." An incredible field of more than 340 cars competed in 15 groups. Peter, in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 finished second in Group 8 behind a 1939 Maserati 4CL.


During the annual "Rolling Thunder" CSRG event at Thunderhill Park, May 25-27, Peter had to start from the rear of the field in his 1931 Alfa Romeo P3 -- however, he was able to make his way through the field and finished first!


In the VARA British Extravaganza at Buttonwillow on May 5-6, Peter won the Group 4 race over several historic race cars.


At the CSRG Season Opener at Infineon on March 31-April 1, Peter in his 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C finished 1st vintage and 3rd overall behind a 1959 Lotus 17 and a 1960 Lola Mk 1.


Peter won the Trofeo di Florida for the fourth time at the Cavallino Classic races at Palm Beach International Raceway on January 21. Peter was winner of the drum brake race in his Maserati 250F.


The January 2012 issue of Alive - East Bay magazine features Peter in its coverage of the Danville Councours d'Elegance, tribute to Phil Hill. Brian Douglas and Charles Donaldson write:
"The event included a parade of rumbling racing vehicles led by Peter Giddings and his 1962 Ferrari Lusso, last year's winner of the Concours d'Elegance top honor. Mr. Giddings has owned Ferrari's all of his adult life and purchased his 1962 Lusso four years ago at an auction. The 1962 Ferrari Lusso is one of only three that ever raced. Mr. Giddings' involvement with the Danville Concours d'Elegance stems from close friendship with Phil Hill and his long time love of cars and racing. Peter, originally from England, races year 'round and was voted the 2010 Motor Sportsman of the Year."


2011 NEWS

CSRG Fall Finale at Thunderhill

Peter was the winner in Group 1 at the CSRG 44th Season Finale in his 1931 Alfa Romeo P3.


September 30 - October 2 - CSRG Charity Challenge, Infineon raceway

Peter finished in first place with his Alfa Romeo 8C -35 .


U. S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen

Peter continued to win at the U. S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen on September 9-11. Peter won both the Pre-War Races in his Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C, but it was a close call at the final race. Going in to Turn 11, the Tipo C popped out of 3rd gear and the second place car passed and took the lead. Peter gathered up the Alfa and set off in pursuit. The torque of the 3 liter Alfa engine took over and he just got the nose across the finish line ahead of the competition, winning by 0.026 second!


Lime Rock Historic Festival

At the Lime Rock 29th Historic Festival, held on September 2-5, Peter continued his winning ways, winning both Group 1 races in his ever-faithful Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C.


Monterey Motorsports Reunion and Pre-Reunion

Peter Giddings in his Alfa Romeo Tipo B "P3" won the Group 1A races at both the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion and the Monterey Motorsports Reunion. In the Monterey Motorsports Reunion race, Peter finished 33 seconds ahead of Jon Shirley in Jon's similar but slightly later Alfa Romeo "P3."

In Group 6A, for Ferrari 250 GT cars, Peter in his Ferrari Lusso, finished 6th in a field of 14 of these magnificent cars, leading several Ferrari GTOs and Competition SWBs.


Peter is honored as Motorsportsman of The Year by the Motorsports Press Association (MSPA), The MSPA is comprised of Northern California writers, photographers and broadcasters who cover motorsports. Peter received this award at the MSPA banquet on March 9, 2011 held at the Blackhawk Museum. Among the other honorees at the banquet was Scott Pruett, who was voted the Closed Wheel Road Course driver of the year.


Vintage Racecar magazine reports the following: "Well-known vintage racer Peter Giddings has been honored by Northern California's Motor Sports Press Association as its Motorsportsman of the Year for 2010. The award was bestowed during a March banquet at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California, spotlighting Giddings for his dedication to preserving vintage racing internationally and for his success as a driver. It is the first time a vintage racer has been so honored by the MSPA".


Vintage Motorsport magazine May/June 2011 says: "Peter Giddings is one of the most active and respected owner/drivers in vintage racing -- not only in the United States but also around the world. In recognition of his achievements on the track and his behind-the-scenes efforts to promote and support vintage racing in several countries, Giddings was presented with the 'Motorsportsman of the Year' award by the Motor Sports Press Association of Northern California. The presentation was made at the 49th annual awards banquet at the Blackhawk Automobile Museum." ..." Giddings' racing career began in 1959 with a 1928 Frazer Nash and two years later he qualified for a full FIA International License." "Congratulations, Peter, on this well-deserved award and we look forward to seeing you and your wonderful cars this year and in future vintage racing seasons." Gary Horstkorta




Peter is chosen as Honorary Ambassador of the Victorian Historic Racing Register on March 19, 2011 at Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsports, Victoria, Australia.














2010 NEWS


In 2010, Peter was inducted into the Road Racing Drivers Club, thus joining the likes of Sir Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti, Sir Jack Brabham, Bobby Rahal, Sir Stirling Moss, Emerson Fittipaldi, "Skip" Barber, Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, Roger Penske, and Dario Franchitti -- indeed a great honour.The Road Racing Drivers Club is a US organization made up of many of America's and Europe’s most successful racing drivers. Members are elected by their peers and include Formula One World Champions, Indy-500 winners, Champion Sports Car Drivers, and top American amateur road racers.


At the 2010 Cavallino Classic at Palm Beach International Raceway, Peter qualified on the pole and was the overall winner in the drum brake class in his Maserati 250F. After completion of the day's races, on Friday, January 22, Peter was awarded the Trofeo di Florida at the Cavallino Classic Yacht Hop. A detailed account can be viewed at Veloce Today, click on the following link:



On June 9, 2010, Sports Car Digest gave the results of the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at Infineon Raceway. Peter was the winner of Group 1B (1914-1949 Pre-War Sport and Racing Cars) in his 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C. See the article at http://www.sportscardigest.com/


At the Monterey Historics in August 2010, Peter received the Road & Track Magazine Award. This award was presented by Tom Bryant "to the car we would most like to race," to Peter Giddings for his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3.


On August 9, 2010, Sports Car Digest gave the results of the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion, along with a terrific photo gallery by Dennis Gray.

"Saturday Results - Peter Giddings won the Pre-War and Bugatti Race Group in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3. He beat out a field of beautiful Bugatti Type 35s, 39As, 43s, 51s, 57SC, and Romulus, the most successful of all privately campaigned ERAs."

"Sunday Results - The Pre-War Group took first to the sunny track on Sunday and once again Peter Giddings dominated the field in his Alfa Romeo P3."

See http://www.sportscardigest.com/


Ninth U.S. Bugatti Grand Prix

The Ninth US Bugatti Grand Prix was held at the 2.24 mile Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca on August 14, 2010. As 2010 is the fiftieth anniversary of the American Bugatti Club, the race was held in conjunction with the ABC International Bugatti Rally with over thirty entries from seven countries.

At 2:40 p.m., thirty Bugattis took the green flag for the eight lap race, and it was a sight that those who were there will not soon forget. Peter Giddings took the lead at the start, but by the time the leaders reached the Corkscrew, Charles Dean's T51 had passed Charles McCabe's T59. Charles Dean then used the superior horsepower of his T51 to pass Peter's T35B and take over first place. ... Charles Dean went on to win the race and Class I, followed by Peter Giddings in second and Charles McCabe in third..


In the Official Race Results from the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, August 14 & 15, 2010, Peter finished second in Group 4A, the Bugatti Grand Prix Cars Race, in his 1926 Bugatti Type 35B.

In Group 1B, the Pre-1949 Sports and Racing Cars race, Peter finished third in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3, following the two 1934 ERA cars. These three cars were the only cars on the lead lap, having lapped all the other 20+ cars.


On July 9-11, 2010, Peter participated in the Legends of Motorsports, a Bobby Rahal Signature Event, at Circuit Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Peter is featured in a "participant profile" that can be seen at http://legendsofmotorsports.com/multimedia.cfm. This event was also featured on Forbes.com Sports Money program.


At the Lime Rock (Connecticut) Historic Festival, held on September 4 - 6, 2010, Peter raced his Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 in the Pre-war Sports and Racing Class. He finished 1st in the Saturday race, and placed 2nd in both Monday races. He also raced his Maserati 250F in the 1950s Competition Cars class, finishing 12th and 8th in races against much newer and more modern competition. Also at Lime Rock, in the "Risky and Racy" pre-war competition car class in the Councours, Peter's Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 won second place, followed by the 1933 Alfa Monza that Peter previously owned, now campaigned by Peter Greenfield.


U.S. Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen - September 9-12, 2010 - excerpt from an article by Ron Levanduski in the Watkins Glen Star-Gazette

Peter Giddings won the Pre-War Race in his 1931 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3. For Giddings, who resides in Alamo, California, it was his second vintage win here in the rain. In 2007, he braved dangerous conditions in winning the Bugatti U.S. Grand Prix in an equally rare and valuable 1926 Bugatti Type 35B Grand Prix car.

"It's always a thrill to win, especially under these conditions at Watkins Glen," he said. Giddings also ran a historic 1953 Maserati 250F Grand Prix car, finishing second in Group 4. It's the first of 26 that were made. Juan Manuel Fangio won world titles in 1954 and 1957 in a 250F.

Giddings' Alfa Romeo Tipo B (P3) was among the first genuine single-seat Grand Prix cars. His multiple Grand Prix winner is the sole surviving one of the first six built. It was driven by many great racers, including Tazio Nuvolari. "We are only custodians," Giddings said. "It's a privilege to be among those that have driven them."


2009 NEWS

June 2-28 - Shell Historic Challenge, Road America

The Drum Brake Races belonged to Peter Giddings - again. Giddings qualified his Maserati 250F on pole for the Saturday race, but an observer could have been forgiven for thinking he'd been transported back to 1957. Sharing the front row with Giddings was a second Maserati 250F driven by Jeff O'Neill. Giddings led from the start, shadowed for a few laps by O'Neill, but Giddings began to pull away to a lead of over 30 seconds at the checkered flag. The results set the grid for Sunday, so Giddings and O'Neill again shared the front row, and the results were the same: Giddings led into the first turn and O'Neill was never able to challenge.

July 3-5 - Pacific Raceways - SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics

Twenty-five cars were featured in this group (Group 1). Peter Giddings had his 1948 Talbot Lago 26C up to speed and finished 4th. Saturday was a new day and Giddings had the Talbot circulating at a rapid pace to clinch first place. Sunday saw Giddings back on top. ..(excerpt from an article by Gary Bannister, Victory Lane, September 2009)

May 30-31 - 23rd Annual Wine Country Classic, Sears Point

If the really old cars get your ticker pumping, you could have gone into fibrillation with race Group 1. Among the 23 that assembled for the feature, there were even more in the paddock. ... Pole sitter, Tom Price in his 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 showed the rest the fast way around the 2.52 miles of Infineon Raceway. Hot on his tail was Peter Giddings' 1931 Alfa Corto 2500. At the finish it was an all Alfa show. Price first, Giddings was second and Jon Shirley's 1932 8C2300 took third -- which was one for the record book. Peter Giddings later told me: ..."the last time Alfa 8C short chassis race cars took first, second, and third was in 1932." (story by Greg Petrolati, Victory Lane, August 2009)

May 4 - Shell Historic Ferrari Challenge , Sears Point

Peter Greenfield qualified on the pole for the Drum Race on a wet track, driving the oldest car in the field, a 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C35 once raced by the great Tazio Nuvolari. Peter Giddings was alongside in the front row in his Maserati 250F Grand Prix car, a former Sir Stirling Moss mount. Jeff Abramson upheld the Ferrari marque by qualifying third in his Ferrari 500 Mondial. Greenfield's lead was brief in the Saturday Drum Race, as Giddings passed almost immediately on the drying track, taking a lead which was never challenged. Giddings margin of victory was 54 seconds for the overall win. The sky remained overcast on Sunday but the track was dry. Giddings started from pole. Jeff O'Neill seemed to enjoy the dry track and was able to stay with Giddings for the entire race, the pair of Maserati 250F cars carving through the field. Giddings won over O'Neill, but his margin was only 11 seconds.


Ferrari North America Historic Challenge

Peter once again participated in the Ferrari Historic Challenge series in 2009. He won the Drum Brake class at all four events: at Infineon Raceway, Road America, Mount Tremblant (Quebec, Canada), and New Jersey Motorsports Park. As a result of this effort, he was named "2009 Drum Brake Champion" at the season final event, held at New Jersey Motorsports Park on September 18 - 20. Peter first won the Drum Brake Championship in 2000, and he was one of the first two drivers to be named a "Grand Master" the following year, 2001, when he won his second championship.


September 25-27 - CSRG Charity Chllenge, Infineon Raceway

Peter Giddings (that man must have one of the best toy boxes in the known world) led from green to checker in his beautiful 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C-35 Grand Prix Car. (review of the CSRG Charity Challenge by E. Gregory Petrolati, excerpted from Victory Lane, January 2010)

Lobethal (Queensland, Australia)

Peter in his Alfa P3 #5006, joined with Jon Shirley in his P3 #5005, and over 100 other historic cars, in participating in a re-creation of the 1939 Australian Grand Prix. On the 70th anniversary of the 1939 GP, in October 2009, the event was held on the same country road circuit that was used in 1939. The course, nestled in the Adelaide Hills, is 14 kilometers long, with 47 corners, a ribbon of road so frighteningly fast, so steeped in mystery, so revered, that it was once acclaimed by multiple Australian Grand Prix winner, Doug Whiteford, as the greatest racing circuit in Australia. (excerpted from the Lobethal Grand Carnival news release).

Loebethal 2009

Peter in Alfa P3 #5006 leading a group of cars at Lobethal.


2008 NEWS

"At the Rolex Monterey Historics, next came the 1925-1950 Racing Cars and Indy Roadsters. This group continued the specter of unfolding history. No stranger to first place was Peter Giddings and his very special '30 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3. Next were Peter Greenfield's '35 Alfa Romeo Monoposto and Jon Shirley's '34 Alfa Romeo P3". (excerpted from Vintage Motorsport, Nov/Dec 2008).

Shell Historics at the Monterey Historics. Due to the tight schedule each group raced only once, as the first two races of the weekend. Jeff O'Neill led the first lap in his Maserati 250F, but was overtaken by Peter Giddings, racing his newly acquired Alfa Tipo B (P3) for the first time in the series. Giddings, in the oldest car in the race, led to the finish, with O'Neill only a half-second back. from David Seibert, Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, October 2008.

A few other cars are admitted to the cast (of historic Ferraris), bringing different history to the grid. Enzo Ferrari's original Scuderia Ferrari served as the Alfa Romeo factory squad during the 1930s and so those Alfas are eligible (for the Ferrari Historic Challenge).. Peter Giddings is something of a legend at Lime Rock for driving one of those Alfas, a 1935 8C35 once raced by Tazio Nuvolari, in the rain for 30 minutes or so -- spray and rooster tails everywhere -- to keep the Lime Rock fans entertained. (from the program for the Rolex Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Park, August 28 - September 1, 2008)

Antipodean Adventures by Mac Hurlbert. From his report on the races at Phillip Island, Australia in March 2008: A number of striking cars graced the paddock, among them Peter Giddings' newly restored Tipo B Alfa Romeo. from the VSCC Bulletin, No. 260, Summer 2008.

The 2008 Ferrari Shell Historic Challenge opened January25th at the Cavallino Classic at Palm Beach. Peter Giddings was the standout driver in the drum group. Giddings races a Maserati 250F, a Grand Prix car once operated by the legendary Sir Stirling Moss. Goddings took an immediate lead. He finished in first place, a common result for his very capable Maserati 250F. During the 2007 season it was Peter Giddings in the Drum Brake group as the overall winner. If this first race is an indication of the rest of the season, 2008 will be similar to 2007.

Peter Giddings and his 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 form a true multinational combination in historic racing. The Englishman, who lives in the US, has a burning passion for Italian cars and travels the globe racing them, this year bringing to the Australian Phillip Island meeting a famous racing car he had rebuilt in Christchurch, NZ. The Alfa P3 was one of a handful built by the factory Scuderia Ferrari team... from The Age Newspaper, Melbourne, Australia, Drive Classics, March 15, 2008.


2007 NEWS


P3 at Ruapuna

Peter drives his Alfa Romeo P3 at Ruapuna Park, February 2007, from the Timaru Herald, Feb 10, 2007.

At the Phillip Island Historic race Meeting in March 2007, Peter finished 6th out of 55 cars in Regularity Division 1 in his Talbot Lago. He ran 2:14.5, 2:10.5, 2:13.7, and 2:09.6 against his target time of 2:10.0.

The Wine Country Classic took place at Infineon Raceway on June 2-3, 2007. Jon Shirley and Peter Giddings had an Alfa Romeo chase up front with Shirley driving his 1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B in the lead position from start to finish to get the win. Giddings was right behind him in his 1933 Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia for second. (Victory Lane, Vol. 22, No. 8, August 2007).

At Watkins Glen in September, the green flag came down on the start of the 8th US Bugatti Grand Prix at the Glen, and fourteen cars raced off into the pouring rain on the 20th anniversary of the 1st US Bugatti Grand Prix at Elkhart Lake. The race was a smashing success with Peter Giddings holding on for a remarkably narrow victory in his Bugatti Type 35B and thereby winning the 2007 New York Governor's Cup presented by the Glen management. Congratulations, Peter!

8th U. S. Bugatti Grand Prix - Sunday was the day of the race, and it was wet! When the results were in, Peter Giddings (Bugatti T-35B) had won the Governor's Cup and we had a full presentation ceremony complete with an army of photographers. (Pur Sang, Fall 2007, by Chrisso Rheault)

Coronado Speed Festival, October 5-7, 2007. Group 1 was for Pre-war Sports and Racing Cars. The cars are so different and unique that one should declare each car a class winner. Peter Giddings in his magnificent 1935 Alfa romeo 8C-35 took the checkered flag in first. ( Victory Lane, Vol 23, No 1, January 2008).


2006 NEWS

At the Lime Rock Historic Festival Peter Giddings was the winner in Group 1 with his 1926 Bugatti T-35B. (from Victory Lane, November 2006).

Road America, July 10th, Ferrari/Maserati Historic Challenge. Peter Giddings driving the ex-Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM passed Tom Price in Turn One of the first lap. Giddings driving the oldest car in the field maintained his lead until the last 100 feet of the race when Tom Price in his Maserati 200 SI passed to take the win.


2005 NEWS

Ferrari Historic Challenge, Mont Tremblant, Canada, June 25

Peter Giddings won the drum brake class with his 1954 Maserati 250F Grand Prix car with an average speed of over 80 mph on the challenging Mont Tremblant track.


Ferrari/Maserati Historic Challenge at the California Speedway, April 1-3

Peter Giddings drove both race days, and to victory on Saturday, with a Maserati 250F, formerly raced by Sir Stirling Moss. The car succumbed to transmission failure on Sunday while in the lead. (from Victory Lane, Vol. 20, No. 7, July 2005)


British cars and drivers starred at Australia's premier historic racing festival at Phillip Island on 26-27 February which attracted its biggest entry of 460 cars. James Diffey made his ERA debut guest-driving Dean Butler's ERA. After racing with American Peter Giddings in his magnificent ex-Bira Maserati 8CM (#3011), Diffey blasted ahead to win in style with his dream racer. (excerpt from Classic & Sports Car, May 2005)


Historic Ferrari Challenge , Cavallino Classic

Recognized Alfa Romeo and Maserati driver, Peter Giddings, fielded a spectacular, and I might add, very fast Maserati 250F Grand Prix car. In the first race, for earlier race cars fitted with drum brakes, Peter Giddings took the lead from pole position in his Maserati 250F, a car once driven by Sir Sterling Moss. Giddings, a former series champion and Masters Award winner, appeared to have the race well in hand when a driveline failure left him coasting to a stop at the halfway mark.
Victory Lane, April 2005. Vol. 20, No. 4


CSRG Fall Finale, Thunderhill Raceway, October 30-31, 2004

Group 3 racers followed behind Peter Giddings in his 1954 Maserati 250F as he led from flag to flag. (from Victory Lane, Vol. 20, No. 3, March 2005)


2004 NEWS

Le Sommet des Legendes at Circuit Mont Tramblant, Canada on July 2-4. In the "Fifties Sports_Racing Cars" race, Peter Giddings drove his wonderful '35 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35, finishing eighth overall against a field of much newer cars. In the "Formula Classic Race", the outstanding car was Peter Giddings' Maserati 250F. Fresh from restoration in Europe, the previous weekend's Ferrari Challenge meet was the first time in eight years the Giddings had sat in the car. In spite of brake problems, Peter finished 16th overall. (Victory Lane, Vol 19, No 9, September 2004).

Ferrari was the featured marque for the 2004 Monterey Historic Races at Laguna Seca. Saturday's star race included 19 Ferrari GTO's. something to behold. Regular spectators enjoy an annual scrap between Mark Gillies (ERA) and Peter Giddings (Alfa 8C35, but this year a broken drive shaft put Giddings out early. Gillies took the podium. (excerpt from Historic Motor Racing News,London, UK, Vol. 10, No. 8, September 2004.)

Wine Country Classic, main events were contested in eight vintage racing groups on Infineon raceway's 12-turn, 2.52 milesroad course, with Alamo, CA's Peter Giddings winning his second consecutive Group 1 (Pre-'53 Cars) championship. He started the 10-lap feature race 25th in his 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C35, but moved to the top spot after just two laps and never looked back. (from Drive Magazine, August 2004).

Lime Rock, July 2004. Peter Giddings is a favorite of the fans at Lime Rock Park. One year, when tooo much rain prevented racing, Giddings took his ex-Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo 8C35 to the track and entertained the crowd for more than 30 minutes with lurid slildes and giant rooster tails from his tires. Consistent crowds around Giddings' cars in the Lime Rock paddock offer further proof of the former Shell Historic Champion's popularity. This weekend Giddings drove his Maserati 250F, the first one built, to overall wins in both Drum Brake races in the Shell Ferrari/Maserati Historic Challenge. (Victory Lane, September 2004)


2003 NEWS

At the 30th Monterey Historic Automobile Races, August 15-17, Peter finished third in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza behind 1934 and 1936 ERA race cars. (from Victory Lane, Vol 18, No 11, November 2003).

Peter Giddings won the Group One race at the 2003 Wine Country Classic, May 31 through June 6, at Sears Point raceway, driving his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza. Peter started on pole and led every lap finishing with an overall average speed of 68.321 mph.

At the New York Auto Show at Javits Center in April, the new 2003 Maserati Spyder was presented. Lucky Maseratisti could attend the evening charity event. Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres served amid a selection of current Ferraris and Maseratis as well as five very important historic cars. The latter included Peter Giddings' 1935 ex-Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo 8C35 (s/n 50013) the only complete and original surviving Tipo C 8C35. Noted Ferrari historian David Seibert introduced each of the cars to the crowd, then the owner fired the engine! It was truly an incredible display that captivated the audience and absolutely filled the Javits Center's Crystal Palace with the historic sounds of power and perfornmance from some of the greatest race cars ever made. (from Forza Magazine, number 47, August 2003).

In the 50th anniversary of round-the-houses racing in New Zealand, the Southern Festival of Speed held the Dunedin street races. With a number of quicker cars striking trouble, Peter Giddings drove his immaculate 1933 Bugatti Type 59 to third place in the opening vintage race. Second time out he had to be content with a fifth place finish.

In the Southern Festival of Speed at the Dunedin street race, Peter Giddings finished third in the Vintage race in his 1933 Bugatti Type 59. from the Otago Daily Times,February 17, 2003



2002 NEWS

Early Racing Cars at Terretonga. An interesting field this, with Peter Giddings in the Tipo C 8C Alfa Romeo showing an amazing pace for a car built in 1935 and with just 3-litres of straight eight. Giddings recorded a second, third, fourth, and six finishes in the big, impressive-sounding car. from the southern Festival of Speed report on Terretonga

Peter received a Founder's Award in February 2002 for his 1934 Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM for it's period correct appearance, presentation and performance.

Eoin Young's Diary on the 2002 Southern Festival of Speed in New Zealand, remarked that Peter Giddings wonderful 1935 3-litre 8C35 Grand Prix Alfa Romeo had a bllue nose band in memory of his old friend, Rene Dreyfus. Giddings is something of a master of classic motor racing, shipping his ex-Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM from Christchurch to Australia for the classic meet at Phillip Island. from Victory Lane, April 2002.

CSRG at Sears Point, March 23-24, In the Pre-War cars of Group Six, the '32 Alfa Monza of Peter Giddings led flag to flag and was flying around the track. Peter next ran the same 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza at the HMSA Laguna Seca Spring Event on April 13-14. (from Victory Lane, Vol 17, No 6, June 2002).

At the inaugural Sommet des Legendes at Circuit Mont Tremblant (Quebec) in July, Peter Giddings qualfied on pole in his Alfa Romeo 8C35 but near the end of the races fuel problems led to a third place finish. (from Pur Sang, Fall 2002)

At the Monterey Historic Races, Peter finished second in Group 2A in his 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C35.

Peter Giddings' pre-World War II Alfa Romeo Monza, bearing the weathered scars of a dull and worn maroon finish reflecting its 70-year age didn't stand out among the featured GT Prototypes at Watkins Glen. Of the very few intact pre-war Grand Prix cars that remain, most are typicaly displayed in museums. But Giddings races them. He pushes them nearly as hard as they were driven in their heyday. He finished fourth out of 32 modern-era sports cars at the Glen, averaging more than 78 mph on hte 3.4 mile circuit. from the Star-Gazette, September 11, 2002


2001 NEWS

At the 2.25 km Coronet Peak Hillclimb in New Zealand, Peter Giddings of California finished 23rd overall in 94.6 seconds in his rare 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza. from Otago Daily Times, February 16, 2001

Ferrari Challenge 2001. Rain -- the bane of seemingly every Lime Rock race weekend-- precluded the second race scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Peter Giddings took his Alfa 8C35 out for laps on the wet track, keeping the spectators entertained and judging from the crowd around his car in the paddock, making friends for the series.

The Third U. S. Bugatti Grand Prix was held at the Virginia International Raceway in Danville, Virginia on May 6, 2001. Peter Giddings was dominant in his Bugatti Type 59, the most powerful car of the group, as he rocketed off into the lead at the green flag. He never let off in attempt to beat the 2-minute mark, which he did on the final lap of the race after reaching over 140 mph on the straight. excerpt from Pur Sang

The Wine Country Classic was held at Sears Point Raceway on May 20. Peter Giddings streaked through the field from the back of the grid in his 1933 Maserati 8CM as the pole sitters in many of the groups were assigned to the rear to challenge their driving abilities and to demonstrate the vehicles' agility. Peter managed to get second place - after starting last! from Victory Lane, August 2001

Vintage Motorsport magazine May/June 2001: "King for a Day" reports on the CSRG event at Sears Point Raceway. "With cars ranging from an 8C35 Alfa to a '20 Rajo Mercury Special, the Early Production Class could easily have been called 'Run What Ya Brung.' Having won the top honors at the Louis Vuitton Classic in New York five weeks prior did not keep Peter Giddings from running his Alfa 8C 35 full bore -- and winning. No trailer queen that car! Tom Price, having started on the pole with his Alfa 8C 2500 came in fourth just behind a Jag 120 driven by Vintage Motorsport's Burt Levy. It is absolutely fantastic to see these very early cars driven so very quickly by early drivers.

At the Formula Junior races at Seattle International Raceway on July 1-3, 2001, expatriate Englishman Peter Giddings won the Monday race outright in his Stanguellini FJ over a fifteen car field. (from the Formula Junior Newsletter UK, Spring 2001)

At the CSRG Fall Vintage Races at Sears Point Raceway, won Group 3 in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza, leading a field of 27 cars.

The "Vintage on Avon" meeting in the country town of Northam, Australia was held April 2001. In the pre-war sports and racing class, visiting driver Peter Giddings in an Alfa Romeo 8C Monza took the first two races comfortably. Peter Giddings is returning after enjoying himself so much last year driving his Talbot Lago Grand Prix. car. West Australia Motoring, 2001.


2000 NEWS

At the Western Australia Vintage Stampede on October 26, 2000, Peter Giddings in his 1933 Alfa Romeo Monza set a fastest lap speed of 89.53 mph on the long circuit. Peter was also awarded an Honarary Membership in the Vintage Sports Car Club of Western Australia.

The 4th annual speed festival at Coronado finally attracted the wrath of the weather gods. Despite the less than perfect weather, the entry was impressive. The star car both in the paddock and on the track was Peter Giddings' 1935 Alfa Romeo 8C-35. Driven with his normal brio, Giddings' ex-Scuderia Ferrari 8C-35 is the only complete and original Alfa Romeo of this type in the world. In the capable hands of Giddings the Alfa easily won Sunday's Group One race for pre-1941 sports and racnig cars. from Speedvision.com

The Monterey Historics featured Maserati this year. Contrary to the normal script, Peter Giddings failed to mount a challenge with his 1933 Maserati 8CM. Though lacking the power of the bigger front-running Grand Prix cars, Giddings can always be counted on to give his all in any car from his impressive stable. Despite the problem that caused his retirement at half-distance, it's always a genuine treat to watch Giddings drive the wheels off the ex-Whitney Straight Maserati. from Speedvision

Fifty of the world's finest cars gathered at the Rockefeller Center in New York for the fifth annual Rockefeller Louis Vuitton Classic concours d'elegance. The 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C of Peter Giddings won the Louis Vuitton Trophy for Best of Show. from Classic Cars, December 2000.

In April, Peter Giddings drove his 1949 Talbot Lago Grand Prix car at the Western Australia Festival of Speed events at Barbagallo Raceway and at the street races and hillclimb at Northam.


1999 NEWS

PeterGiddings debuted the ex-Bob Sutherland Type 59 Bugatti at an extremely wet Winton, Australia meet in May 1999.

The 13th Annual Wine Country Classic was held on May 22-23. In Group 1, there wasn't a doubt as to who was the star of the field as Peter Giddings in his beautiful 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza, put the car into fantastic four-wheel drifts, arms moving back and forth to control the Alfa as he motored into 7th place overall, passing with apparent ease a lot of the younger cars. From Victory Lane, August 1999.

At the Monterey Historics, Peter Giddings' 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C35 led most of the race, followed by his 1933 Maserati 8CM which was driven by Murray Smith. After the Alfa suffered mechanical woes, Smith went on to win in Peter's Maserati.


1998 NEWS

The SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics took place on July 3-5. In Group 1, Peter Giddings brought his 1932 Alfa Romeo which he drove to first place in the pre-war F1 class. from Victory Lane, September 1998

At the Lime Rock Fall Festival, Peter Giddings started from the pole position and held the lead for the entire race. From Pur Sang.

At the Third Annual British Extravaganze at Buttonwillow, May 2-3, Peter participated in The Historic Group. The group began with a bang and a clatter as over a dozen pre-war machines sputtered to turn one and suddenly had to sort themselves out to get through it without contact. These guys came to race! Eventual winner Peter Giddings took off and bested eveyone's lap time by twenty seconds. (by Brian Kennedy, Victory Lane, Vol 13, No 7, July 1998).


1996 NEWS

Monterey Historics -- Peter Giddings, replaced his entered Bugatti with a gorgeous Talbot-Lago Grand Prix car. In true Giddings Fashion, he drove the car hard, sliding it around the corners with great gusto, arms and elbows flying. Why aren't modern cars this much fun to watch ? ( Victory Lane, September 1996)

At the Pacific Northwest Historics and Seattel International Raceway on July 7, 1996, Peter finished fourth in his 1950 Talbot Lago behind more modern cars such as a 1959 Devin SS and a 1959 Ferrari TR59.

At the 20th Historic Winton Races (Australia), May 25-26, Peter Giddings was very busy, finishing 2nd in Class RC with his 1954 Maserati 250F and getting another 2nd place in Class LBr with his 1950 Talbot Lago.

The Geelong Speed Trials have always had a magnetic attraction for drivers who regularly return to participate in the event with its picturesque beachfront setting. Marques capturing attention include many famous cars, and from the Peter Giddings collection, the Whitney Straight Maserati 3011, a 1932 Alfa Romeo Type 80 Monza, plus the 1950 T26C Talbot Lago. Peter's 1956 Maserati 250F will be making a return visit to Australia for the Melbourne Grand Prix, and Peter will also be coming over from America for the event. (from Motor Racing Australia, No. 20, March/April 1996)


1994 NEWS

Monterey Historics -- August - At the 20th Monterey Historics, in Race 2A, Peter Giddings once again showed his mastery of the track with a win going away in the Whitney Straight 1934 Maserati 8CM. Peter also ran his Maserati 250F in Group 6A, giving a demonstration of drifting through the corners. (from Victory Lane)

At the Portland Historic Vintage Races on July 10, Peter Giddings in his 1954 Maserati 250F won Group One, leading Peter Lovely in his 1959 Ferrari TR59 and John Mozart in a 1958 Lister Chevy. from Victory Lane

250F at Portland

From The Vintage Drift, Sovren, July 1994: At the Pacific NW Historics on July 2-3, several unique cars were in attendance, led by Peter Giddings in the fabulous Maserati 250F Grand Prix car.


1992 NEWS

The New Zealand Southern Festival of Speed was a two-race series in February with races at Timaru and Dunedin. An enthusiastic 10-car American contingent brought cars ranging from Peter Giddings' ex-Whitney Straight 8CM Maserati with the distinctive heart-shaped radiator through TR3s to a Saab Sonnet. Peter Giddings's Maserati 8CM suffered carburetion problems and the 8C Maserati of Bob Sutherland had a water leak. from Classic and Sportscar, May 1992

Last year, Peter Giddings won the major event of the Levels meeting at Timaru, the Grand Prix, in his Maserati 250F. This year, despite help from his New Zealand friends keeping the car prepared, he had to withdraw his 1933 8CM Maserati about halfway through the race when the car started overheating. from the Otago Daily Times

The 60-year-old Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM owned and driven by Peter Giddings is one of the stars at the 1992 Historic Winton vintage motor race in Benalla this weekend (May 31, 1992). from the Melbourne Herald-Sun, May 28, 1992

The car that attracted most attention at Winton was undoubtedly Peter Giddings' beautiful Whitney Straight 8CM Maserati. With a competition history which stretches from 1935, it has one of the longest and most consistent racing histories of all international cars. It was indeed a privilege to witness the sight and sound of this great car as it undertook quite a busy weekend competing in J and K class racing events. from Australian Auto Action, June 12, 1992


1991 NEWS

VARA members competed in the New Zealand Southern Festival of Speed in February. The main event was the New Zealand Historical Grand Prix, a handicap race of 10 laps in 100 degree heat. Ten laps of intense driving later, it was Peter Giddings' Talbot Lago 26C Grand Prix car first, followed by Mocket's Cooper second, and Sutherland's Maserati 4CLT third. from NZ Car, April 1991

At Ruapuna Park in New Zealand, Peter drove his 1954 Maserati 250F to the fastest qualifying time in the F1 class and finished third in race three behind the Lycoming Special.

Southern Festival of Speed. Peter Giddings comes from the USA with two cars -- his 250F Maserati and his magnificent Lago Talbot Grand Prix car. Overweight and underpowered the Lago Talbot was never a front runner in the 4.5 litre formula. The Giddings car is the ex-Philippe Entancelin car and was built in 1948. from New Zealand Motoring, February 1991.

F1 Report, reviewing the Austalian Grand Prix at Adelaide. Adelaide hosted F1 world champions James Hunt, Jackie Stewart, Denis Hulme, Nelson Piquet, Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna and Sir Jack Brabham at a press conference. Also, in the 'supporting acts' Fangio drove a W196 Mercedss Benz car of 1954-55 plus the Alfa Romeo 158 that not only won the first ever Formula One World Championship Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1950, but also the world title for Farina and Fangio.from New Zealand Motoring, February 1991.


1990 News

Sears Point HMSA Races. Group 1 - Peter Giddings '32 Alfa Monza had qualified on the pole on Sunday after being a DNF in Saturday's race due to mechanical gremlins, which would continue to plague the car. Mark Donaldson's Jaguar XK-120 held down second with Don Baldocchi's bright yellow Nardi-Crosley third. Giddings was not the only one with mechanical problems as six cars couldn't make the start. At the green, Giddings maintained his pole position but by lap 2 Donaldson's Jaguar had claimed the lead and held it to the end. On Lap 4, Giddings' Alfa was missing badly. The last lap saw Don Baldocchi nip past Giddings into second spot. (September Surprise by Wendell Bain, Victory Lane Dec 1990)

At the RMVR Steamboat Springs Labor Day race in 1990, I was working corner 4. There were a fair number of cars in the pre-war group, most driving rather sedately, a few vigorously. One of the vigorous ones was an old Alfa. Every lap the Alfa would come through our corner in a partial drift, with the rear trying to spin out, and the driver sawing at the wheel, but with the hammer down. Sure enough, on one lap the car did skid, sending the car off the road to the inside, then starting to roll when the left front wheel hit a slight bank, then completing the roll as the front end jumped the ditch. The car came to rest about 100 feet from the corner with the front on one side of the ditch and the rear on the other side, and the back of the car resting on the driver's head! Of course, no roll bar! We thought we had a fatality for sure. The corner captain and I rush over with the fire bottle and crouch down in the ditch beside the car. A voice from inside the car says, "Undo my helmet!" The captain does and the driver comes slithering out of the car, unhurt! I was told that the driver was Peter Giddings who had spun in oil or gasoline on the track. excerpted from letter from Stan Edwards, October 2002

Peter had a very good day at the San Diego Grand Prix at Jack Murphy Stadium. Peter finished first in the Group One Race for Pre-War cars, driving his 1927 Bugatti Type 37A. Though he started well back in the field due to a DNF on Saturday, he quickly motored to the front. Giddings' Bugatti is a four-cylinder model with 1500 cc's built for the "amateur" formula vs. F1. Well-driven, and Peter doesn't hold back just because the car might be 63 years old.

The Group Four race at the San Diego Grand Prix was for Formula cars and classes F1, Fb, Fc, FJr, and Fv all ran together, 22 cars strong. Peter Giddings was running his just-into-the-country Cooper T-51A F1 car which he spirited out of Australia recently. Peter finished a creditable sixth ahead of some much newer formula cars. (from Victory Lane, Vol 5, No 7, July 1990).


1989 News

Peter Giddings in his Maserati 250F finished in first place in the class D scratch race. July 22 1989. from Vantage, August 1989.


1988 News

At the Monterey Historics on August 20, 1988, Maserati was the features marque. Peter debuted his newly acquired 1934 Maserati 8CM, the famous Maserati 3011, known as the Whitney Straight Special. Although Peter built up a substantial lead, a carburetor fitting came off causing a loss of fuel pressure and resulting in a DNF. Peter also drove his 1954 Maserati 250F to a second place finish in its class.

Peter Giddings in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza won the Group J/K race at the Historic 88 Races at Oran Park, Sydney, Australia over a field of some 38 cars.


1987 NEWS

Riverside Raceway - May 30-31 - VARA Races - The fourth event Sunday featured Peter Giddings in his 250 Maserati, complete with poised trident and bumpy rows of rivets on blood-red aluminum. Peter was positioned in the middle of the pack, preferring to feel his way through the more agile and less costly Formula Fords and Formula Juniors. The race of the weekend had to be the final segment of run-for-fun events. In one of these, Vern Jaques (Lotus MK51) seemed to dog the Maserati of Peter Giddings in virtual awe of the 250F. He took a lot of good-natured kidding later because he wasn't able to pass, but as he recalled: "Just watching Peter working the big car through the turns was an experience I'll never forget." Possibly we can all relate to Vern's encounter with the twilight zone. Imagine yourself chasing Fangio in his Maserati 250F as he streaks to a win at the 1957 Italian Grand Prix. Ah, nostalgia, you will not be easily overtaken. (from Victory Lane, July 1987)

The Tacoma Vintage Formula One single-seat senior tour race was held on a street(?) circuit that was laid out around the Tacoma Dome , the largest wooden dome in the world, which made an impressive air-conditioned paddock. Take Peter Giddings' Maserati 250F, for instance: 1956 was the Fangio era, and this is what the Old Man might have looked like blasting by -- sitting high in the saddle for people to see everything right down to the elbows. The car evoked Fangio, but the grin was all Giddings. How he does enjoy his cars. (excerpted from an article by Denise McCluggage, in Autoweek, September 21, 1987)

The First U. S. Bugatti Grand Prix was held at the 1987 Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival. The Bugatti Type 51s of David Heimann and Peter Giddings, running on alcohol, were the two fastest cars in practice. In the race for the supercharged class, David Heimann's Type 51 was first, Peter Giddings' Type 51 second, Tom Clifford's Type 37A third, Ben Roses's Type 35B fourth, Sandy MacArthur's Type 35B fifth, and Don Koleman's Type 35B sixth.


1986 NEWS

Notes from Monterey. Peter Giddings, lending out his Talbot Lago and Alfa P3 to drivers John De Boer and Phil Reilly. Why? Because Peter had been offered a ride in Yoshiyuki Hayashi's W-125 Mercedes GP car. Peter says: "It's coughing and spitting a lot, but this is my dream come true." (from Victory Lane, Sept-Oct 1986)

RMVR's Third Annual Vintage Race at Steamboat Springs: Group Five featured many of the wild and exotic marques on hand. None could match the power of the '34 Alfa Tipo B P3 nor the skill of its' driver, Peter Giddings. Arms straining at the wheel, brakes squealing at the approach of each turn, he held off all atttempts of Bob Williams and his '52 Cunningham C4R. (from Victory Lane, Nov/Dec 1986)


1985 NEWS

1985 Palm Springs Vintage Grand Prix
The premier issue of Victory Lane, April, 1986, featured a report on the 1985 Palm Springs Vintage Grand Prix. The big event on Sunday was the Vintage Formula One race, with a host of famous drivers competing including Dan Gurney, Stirling Moss, Bobby Unser, Pete Lovely, Rodger Ward, Sam Hanks, Bob Bondurant, George Follmer, Ronnie Bucknum, Jim Hall, Scooter Patrick, Bill Stroppe, Bob Drake, Jack McAfee, Danny Ongias, and many others. World Champion Phil Hill drove Peter Giddings' 1950 Talbot Lago T26 GP car. The race was won by Bob Bondurant in a 1967 Formula One Ferrari.

Peter Giddings drove both his 1950 Talbot Lago and his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza in the Saturday races. On Sunday, he won Race Group 7 in the 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza.

Monza at Palm Springs

Phil Hill at Palm Springs

Phil Hill drives Peter's Talbot Lago through Turn One at Palm Springs, 1985.

In August 1985, Alfa Romeo was the featured marque for the second time. Both Phil Hill and Juan Manuel Fangio drove teh Alfa factory's Alfetta Tipo 159 for some exhibition laps. In the races, Peter placed first in class at the Monterey Historic Races in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza.


1982 NEWS

The CSRG newsletter describes the "strangest" racetrack at Portland, Oregon. A lot of the time the track is a dragstrip so there is one hell of a front straight. You belt down the straight bit flat-out and into a hairpin, come through the wiggly bits, then the staging area for the dragsters and back onto the straight. Peter Giddings was suffering from transmission woes (in his Talbot Lago) that have bedeviled him all year, but still ran away and hid from the rest.

Next Peter headed north for Vancouver, Canada. He was given a 2 1/2 minute handicap for the Sunday race against a flock of MG TDs.That meant he had to catch and pass the TDs two times in seven laps. Peter almost did it. He caught them up on the last lap but the Talbot was a tiny bit too wide to pass three TDs all duking it out insanely abreast dashing for the checker.

Next Peter was at the Monterey races. In the Saturday race for pre-1948 All-Comers, Peter Giddings led relentlessly in his ailing Talbot G.P. car whose gearbox had again become dyspeptic, but you would never know it to watch the calm assurance with which Peter flings the old French lady about. She's graceful and remembers the steps, resulting in a first place finish.


1981 NEWS

At the Monterey Historic Automobile Races of 1981, there were a number of competition Ferrari 250 GT's. One of the better races was between Ed Swart in his SWB Berlinetta, s/n 2015, a car famous for its exploits in Portuguese racing, and Chuck Reid in his SWB Berlinetta, ex-Carlo Abate, s/n 2083. Joe DeMartino had his SWB Berlinetta, s/n 2725, an ex-NART car, there as well while Peter Giddings brought out his SWB Berlinetta, s/n 1741, as a last-minute substitute for his Talbot Lago. (excerpt from the Ferrari Market Letter, V. 6, No. 18, September 1981)

Circuit Trois-Rivières, May 1981. Peter raced in his Taraschi Formula Junior.


1980 NEWS

Riverside International Raceway. At the Warner-Hodgdon Historic Car Races, April 1980, the best show of the day was the most incongruous dice ever seen, Peter Giddings in his lovely Talbot-Lago GP car towering over Bill Molle's Lotus 23. It was a pitched battle from the second lap. They changed position every other lap and were hard at it until they entered Turn 9 side by side for the last time. Giddings took the checkered flag for eighth with Molle somewhere under the Talbot's tail. (Vintage Racer, Winter 1981, article by Gerald Caan)


1978 NEWS

Peter again had his Talbot Lago Grand Prix car at the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca and had the fastest lap and finished first in the Group 2 race.


1977 NEWS

At the Toyota Grand Prix at Watkins Glen on 9/30/1977, Peter qualified 13th on the grid in his 1959 1100 cc Stanguellini.

On May 1, 1977, Peter drove his Talbot Lago in the CSRG spring race and finished the race in an unknown position.

In the Monterey Historic races in August, Peter in the Talbot Lago achieved a third-place finish.


1976 NEWS

Watkins Glen, October 9, 1976. Peter ran his newly acquired Talbot Lago, but retired after six laps. He was still classified in 28th place out of a field of 51 cars!


1974 NEWS

Monterey Beginnings

Peter was at the first Monterey Historics on August 10, 1974 driving his 1962 Ferrari Berlinetta.


Lime Rock Raceway Park -- July 3, 1974. Peter had a great day at Lime Rock in his Taraschi Formula Junior, winning two races and finishing secoond in another two.


1973 NEWS

At the first vintage race held at Watkins Glen in October 1973, the Lowenbrau Vintage Grand Prix, Peter Giddings finished second in his 1952 Ferrari 250MM.


1966 NEWS

Brighton Concours d'Elegance -- Sunday, June 12, 1966 - Class 1 - Veteran and Vintage Cars up to 1930 - P Giddings, 1924 Bugatti, lady passenger, C Giddings


1964 NEWS

Brands Hatch -- March 30, 1964 - Event 8, Historic Race Cars - P H Giddings, Frazer-Nash


1963 NEWS

Long John Race

Peter's mum didn't know that he was in this race, but she was watching on television. Peter says: "It snowed!!! My water pump froze, and mum fainted upon seeing me on our little black and white TV enveloped in steam, with an over-enthusiastic commentator shouting: "Giddings is on fire!" However, as it ended with my taking home several tri-magnums of Long John whiskey, all turned out okay!"

Brands Hatch -- Boxing Day, Dec 26, 1963 - Long John Trophy Race, P H Giddings, Frazer-Nash.

Brighton Speed Trials -- Sept 14, 1963 - Class 1, Member's Handicap Race, P Giddings, Frazer-Nash; Class 6, Sports & Grand Touring Cars, P Giddings, Frazer-Nash

Crystal Palace -- National Race Cars Meeting - Event 5, Historic Racing Cars, P H Giddings, Frazer-Nash

Silverstone -- Saturday, July 27, 1963 -- Boulogne Trophy Race, P H Giddings 1928 Frazer-Nash, Peter raced in both the Inter-Team Relay Race and the Allcomers Scratch Race.

Silverstone -- July 6, 1963 -- Martini Trophy Meeting -- Scratch Race for Vintage and Venerable Sports Cars, P H Giddings, Frazer-Nash

Oulton Park -- June 22, 1963 - Richard Seaman Trophies Meeting - Handicap race for Chain Driven GN and Frazer Nash Cars - P Giddings, 1928 Frazer-Nash. Peter also ran in the scratch race 8 for vintage sports cars.

Firle Hill Climb -- May 26, 1963 - Class 7, Special Touring and Grand Touring Cars 1602 cc - 2000 cc -- P H Giddings, Frazer-Nash, 1991 cc

Snetterton -- May 5, 1963 - Stanley Sears Trophy Meeting, Event 4, P Giddings, Frazer-Nash, 1991 cc


1962 NEWS

Wiscombe Park Hill Climb -- Sept 23, 1962 - Event 6, Specials - P Giddings Frazer-Nash, 1991 cc. Peter notes that he finished second behind the J.H.S. supercharged special.