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Peter Giddings Racing


Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013

1926 Delage 15-S-8 GP

With so many historic race cars to choose from, picking a favorite is a challenging task. However, after walking the paddock, one example stood out – a 1926 Delage Grand Prix car, known as Dick Seaman’s “Black Delage,” now part of Peter Giddings’ collection.

With impressive European and American racing history and ahead of its time design, it is one of only four built (this example is #4) and exhibits great performance, all combining to make this our choice for the Reunion’s POTL.

Louis Delage founded his company in 1905 to build race cars that brought him success and recognition. A Delage Type Y set the fastest lap st the 1913 French GP and in 1914, one of his cars won the Indianapolis 500. For the 1926-27 Grand Prix season, a 1500 cc engine size was stipulated so Delage designer Albert Lory penned an exquisite DOHC, supercharged, straight-8 engine installed in a low, narrow and sleek body. In 1926, Delages won the GP at Brooklands, were 2nd at the GP of Europe and 3rd at the Spanish GP.

Over the next 10 years and in the hands of such famous drivers as Benoist, Bourlier, Divo, Chiron, Senechal, Earl Howe and Richard Seaman, this Delage was a consistent winner. In this car, Chiron placed 7th at the Indy 500 in 1929 and Seaman won six championship races in a 16-day period in 1936. The car was owned for a short time by Prince Bira before being sold to Reg Parnell, then on to F1 Team owner Rob Walker.

After a full restoration by Walker, the Delage was almost destroyed in a fire and then rebuilt again. The car was eventually sold to a collector who had the car restored to 1936 Richard Seaman race trim and it is in this configuration that Giddings debuted the car at this year’s RMMR.

It was the first time since the 1929 Indianapolis 500 that the car raced on U.S. soil.

(From Vintage Motorsport, Nov/Dec 2013)



Photo from Vintage Motorsport