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Peter Giddings Racing

Welcome to Peter Giddings Racing




What Peter has been up to: The video below is a clip of Peter and his daughter Karen enjoying a vacation trip on a barge on the Grand Union Canal.
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WHAT'S NEW: August 2018

Items were added to "In the News" for races in 2018 and 2010, and to "What People are Saying."
Photos were added to Alfa Romeo Tipo C 50012; Bugatti 35B; Maserati 250F; Frazer Nash; and Ferrari Lusso.

April 2018

Photos were added to Lancia D50A and to Alfa Monza #2111037

March 2018

"Personality: Peter Giddings" was added to "Articles About Peter." Additions were made to "In The News"

February 2018

In "Cars Campaigned," Alfa P3 #50001 and OSCA MT4 were added. Photos were added to Lancia D50A and to Delage 15-S-4.
An article by Peter titled "Driving a T59 Bugatti" was added.
Other additions were made to "What People are Saying" and to "In The News." 



If you have a photo or a memory that you wish to share with us regarding Peter or his vintage cars, please go to the "Contact Us" page.