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Peter Giddings Racing

Talbot Lago: One of the Greats from the 1950s

from the program for the York Flying 50, 1995


Having this very rare Formula One race car of the 1950s is an absolute coup for the RAC York Flying 50.

You're looking at an exceptionally rare, very precious piece of highly collectible motor racing memorabilia! The Talbot-Lago race and sports cars carried French grand prix racing honour in the years following the Second World War.

The T26C, designed by Anthony Lago and Carlo Marchetti made its debut in 1948 with an unsupercharged straight-six engine rated at 240 bhp. Initially it was outclassed by Alfa Romeos that at the time were producing 310 bhp, but the Talbot-Lago was economical and reliable. By 1950, 280 bhp had been squeezed from them and greater success was enjoyed.

Rosier won the Belgian Grand Prix and Chiron won the Grand Prix de France. This particular car built in 1950 was raced by Phillippe Entancelin before being bought by one of Australia's all time great racing drivers, the late Doug Whiteford. Whiteford won the Australian Grand Prix in 1952 and 1953 with it before it eventually wound up in the substantial private collection of Peter Giddings of Los Angeles (sic). The car has been brought to Australia for participation in the historic race preceding the 1996 Australian Grand Prix -- and to Western Australia by the RAC, especially for the RAC York Flying 50.

Technical details:

Engine: Straight six - 4485 cc pushrod overhead valve engine producing 280 bhp at 5000 rpm

Transmission: Four-speed pre-selector gearbox

Suspension: Front- independent by wishbones, transverse leaf spring and dampers. Rear- rigid axle, semi-elliptic springs and dampers

Brakes: Drum

Dimensions: Wheelbase 98.5 inches (250 cms), Track 53 inches (135 cms)

Max speed: According to gearing - approx 160 mph (260 kph)

Program Cover

Cover of the Program for the York Flying 50


Talbot EngineTalbot on Track

Talbot Lago Engine on left; on the right, the Talbot Lago during the race at York.