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Peter Giddings Racing


This ex-works Tipo C 8C-35 Scuderia Ferrari “HAT” section chassis (frame #8) was discovered in Argentina by Aldo Cesaro in 1996.

Cesaro traced this frame to the descendants of Piero Dusio who, when he left Italy, moved his entire operation and family to Argentina, taking with him this chassis, complete with original front suspension, brakes, rear tranverse spring assembly, etc.

Missing its engine and transaxle, this chassis was in bad shape as the result of at least two major accidents.

Auto Restorations of Christchurch, New Zealand accepted the challenge of rebuild comprising of Tipo C 8C-35 frame # 8, c/w its original front brakes and suspension, together with two incomplete 12C-37 transaxles (one of them #4521) c/w axle tubes, half shafts, etc., original Tipo C rear brakes, and Tipo C engine # 50012 (SF # 64).

Auto Restorations produced new GP bodywork together with fuel tank, oil tank, and radiator, all faithful replications from blown up to 1:1 factory drawings.

All other detail parts and instrumentation, were collated during the restoration, utilizing original and manufactured items to factory specifications and drawings.

Towards the end of the restoration, my Tipo C 8C-35 # 50013 (Scuderia Ferrari # 65), was shipped to Auto Restorations for comparison purposes. It was particularly gratifying to note that all of their work to that point in time was 100% accurate.

Whilst (other than with # 50013) it is virtually impossible to ascribe any particular Alfa Romeo Tipo Cs to any specific races, one exception is Tipo C 8C-35 #50012 (SF #64).

Chassis #50012 (now on display at the Alfa Romeo Museum with a 12C-36 engine fitted) was initially raced by Scuderia Ferrari in various European events, subsequent to which it was shipped to New York, USA as a spare/practice car for the 1936 Vanderbilt Cup.

Driven in practice by Brivio, Farina, and Nuvolari it was sold post race to Bill White to be driven by Rex Mays (purchase price with spares $9,500!)

After an amazing third place in the second George Vanderbilt Cup race, 3.8 engine #50012, needed to be reduced to 3 liters over the winter of 1937/38 in order to comply with the new international Grand Prix regulations.

Bill White commissioned Fred Offenhauser and Ed Winfield to effect this work, the result being a superbly designed short throw crank and blocks of slightly smaller bore incorporating cup type cam followers.

With redesigned “Winfield” cams, engine # 50012 was now ready for Indianapolis!

At the 1938 Indianapolis 500 race, Rex Mays in #50012 actually led for the first few laps, finally finishing third overall.

Dave Uihlein eventually ended up with #50012’s engine for possible fitment to his Tipo B #50002. (In reality, it would not have fitted, given the fact that the Tipo C engine is larger in all dimensions than that of the 2.9 8C).

In deference to engine # 50012’s illustrious American racing history, I have retained the Offenhauser / Winfield 3 liter configuration.

Tipo C engine # 50012 (SF #64) now begins a new era of historic racing – hopefully years from now we shall look back on some additional good racing results, and marvel at an engine which is no longer a mere 12 race year Indianapolis veteran, but the heart of a 74 year old Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35 frame!


Ruapuna, February 2002: 1st vintage
Teretonga, February 2002: 1st vintage
Dunedin, February 2002: 1st vintage
Mont Tremblant, July 2002: 1 x 1st
Phillip Island, February 2003: 1 x 1st: 1 x 2nd
Sears Point, September 2003: 1 x 1st overall, 1 x 2nd overall, 2 x 1st in class
Coronado, October 2003: 2 x 1st
Thunderhill, October 2003: 1 x 4th overall: 1st vintage
Moroso Park, January 2004: 1 x 3rd: 1st vintage
Infineon, March 2004: 1st in class: 2nd overall
Infineon, March 2004: 1 x 1st
Thunderhill, May 2004: 1 x 1st: 1 x 4th: 1st vintage
Buttonwillow, May 2004: 1st overall
Infineon, June 2004: 2 x 1st
Mont Tremblant, July 2004: 1 x 6th
Laguna Seca, August 2004: 1 x 1st
Infineon, October 2004: 1 x 1st: 1 x 3rd
Thunderhill, October 2006: TBA
Coronado, October 2006: 2 x 1st
Infineon, October 2006: 2 x 1st vintage: 1 x 4th overall: 1 x 5th overall
Infineon, March 2007: black flagged .... noise!
Buttonwillow, May 2007: 2 x 1st
Coronado, October 2007: 2 x 1st
Infineon, April 2008: 1 x 2nd: 1 x 4th: 1st vintage
Infineon, May 2008: 2 x 1st
Mont Tremblant, July 2008: 2 x 1st
Infineon, April 2009: 1st vintage: 3rd overall
Laguna Seca, August 2009: 1 x 3rd: 1 x 2nd
Laguna Seca, August 2009: 1 x 3rd
Infineon, September 2009: 2 x 1st
Infineon, CSRG Alfa event: April 10, 2010: 5th overall, 1st vintage
    Alfa feature race: 2nd overall, 1st vintage
Buttonwillow, VARA BRitish Extravaganza, May 1/2, 2010: 2 x 1st
Thunderhill, CSRG: May 15/16, 2010: 10th overall, 1st vintage;
    16th overall, 1st vintage
Infineon, Sonoma Historics, June 2010: pole + 1st place
Infineon, CSRG, April 2011: 1st race = 9th place: 2nd race = 10th place
Road America, VSCDA, May 2011: 2 x 1st place vintage, 2 x fastest lap vintage
Mont Tremblant, July 2011: 2 x 2nd in class
Lime Rock, July 2011 ******
Lime Rock, Fall Festival, September 2011: 2 x 2nd place
Watkins Glen, October 2011: 2 x 1st place
Infineon, CSRG, March 2012: 1st place vintage
Infineon, CSRG Charity Challenge, October 2012: 2 x 1st vintage
Thunderhill, CSRG, November 2012: 1st place vintage: fastest lap ever in this car at Thunderhill
Laguna Seca, HMSA, March 2013: 2 x 1st vintage 
Buttonwillow, VARA, May 2013: 2 x 1st place
Infineon, Sonoma Classic, General Racing, May 2013: 2 x 1st place
Spokane Festival of Speed, June 2013: 1st vintage in all races
Portland, HMSA, June 2013: 1st place pre-war practice
Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival, May 2014 - 2 x 3rd
Thunderhill, CSRG, June 2014: new 5-mile course, 1st pre-war; new 2-mile course 1st pre-war
Laguna Seca, Pre-Reunion, August 2014: 1 x 1st place; 1 x 2nd place pre-war
Laguna Seca, Motorsports Reunion, August 2014: 5th place overall,; 3rd place pre-war
Lime Rock, Historic Festival, August 2014: 4 x 2nd places
Watkins Glen, SVRA, September 2014: 1st pre-war
Palm Beach International, Cavallino Classic, January 2015: 2nd place, Drum Brake Class
Watkins Glen, SVRA, July 2015: 2 x 1st places
Lime Rock, Historic Festival, September 2015: 2 x 2nd places

Alfa Romeo Tipo C #50012 is now with a new owner in Europe.

Tipo C 50012 at Moroso

Tipo C #50012 at Moroso Raceway, 2004. Photo by Mike Sims.

Smoking off the Turn

Peter Smoking Off the Turn at Moroso, 2004. Photo by Christopher McNeil.

Peter at Dunedin, NZ

Peter Cornering Hard at Dunedin, New Zealand.

Tipo C 50012 at Dunedin

Great View of the (very!) Independent Suspension of the Tipo C, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Racing in New Zealand

Staying ahead of the pack in New Zealand. Photo by Euan Cameron.


Reconstruction of #50012 at Auto Restorations, Christchurch, New Zealand, January 1998.


Peter cutting it close, on the way to another win in Tipo C #50012 at Coronado. Bob Dunsmore photo.

#50012 lifts a wheel

Peter lifts a wheel to stay ahead of his friend, Bill Watkins, in his special Cooper Bristol. Photo by Euan Cameron.

Coronado 2003

Cornering at Coronado, 2003. Photo by Bob Dunsmore.

Thunderhill 2014

Peter with the Tipo C on the new Thunderhill West track, June 2014. Photo by Peter Darnall.

Watkins Glen 2014

Peter in the Tipo C charges up the hill, Watkins Glen, September 6, 2014. Photo by Neil Eschenfelder.

Watkins Glen 2014

A terrific photo of the Tipo C cornering at the SVRA GP at Watkins Glen, September 6, 2014. Note the tire distortion
and that the left front tire is lifted off the pavement. Photo by Neil Eschenfelder.

Indy 1937

Rex Mays and mechanic in 50012 at the Indianapolis Motor Spedway, 1937.

Indy 1947

Cy Marshall in Alfa Romeo 50012 at the Indianapolis 500 in 1947, entered as the Tattersfield Special.

Mt.Tremblant 2017

Peter at Circuit Mont-Tremblant, July 2017, photo by James Cornish.

CSRG Poster

Peter's Alfa Romeo Tipo C was featured on the poster for the CSRG 50th Season Finale, November 2017.

Cavallino 2018
















Peter in the Tipo C at Cavallino Classic in January 2018.

Mont Tremblant 2018

Peter drives the Alfa Tipo C to a place on the podium. Mont Tremblant, July 2018. Photo by Patrice Marchessault, (pmstills.com)


Peter with Tipo C
















Peter with the fantastic Alfa Romeo Tipo C. Photo by Francois Thiebault.

Alfa *C35 at Thunderhill

A terrific photo of Peter in the Alfa Romeo 8C35 Tipo C cresting the hill at Thunderhill Raceway. Photo by Peter Darnall.